How to Apply for a Liberty Reserve Debit Card and Use it to Withdraw Cash from ATM Machines

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Published: 12th January 2011
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What is a Liberty Reserve Card

A liberty reserve card is a prepaid debit card that you can load with your liberty reserve money. You can then go to your local ATM machine to withdraw this money as cash or if you prefer you can use this card to pay for groceries and other goods purchased from the supermarket. All ATM machines and cashiers around the world that have a MasterCard logo on it will accept this liberty reserve card with no problems.

Advantages with using a Liberty Reserve Prepaid Mastercard

There are a lot of advantages you'll get when you use such a card. For starters you don't have to go through an exchanger to get your Liberty Reserve earnings sent to your bank account. This process is fairly costly because an exchanger will charge you fees for this transaction and it also takes around a day or two to actually have the money in your bank account.

When you own such a prepaid card however you can just log on to a secure website where you can then load your card with liberty reserve and the money is there for you to use instantly. So a lot of unnecessary waiting time is completely removed with a card like this.

No credit checks

You can apply for such a card without having to worry about credit checks. This card will not be directly linked to any bank account and therefore it doesn't matter if your credit score is bad or not - anyone can apply for this card.

Requirements and necessary documents

While there is no credit check involved with applying for a card you can't just get it without some form of identity verification. Most companies out there who offer such a prepaid card will ask for your ID copy or a passport copy which of course has to be valid and another document that is required is a proof of residence. This is most likely going to be a recent utility bill or a signed bank statement. You can get a signed bank statement from your local bank office and the banker will usually ask for a small fee for signing your document and making it a legal paper.

No unnecessary hassle

As you can see it's pretty much straightforward. There are no unnecessary hassle involved with applying for a prepaid liberty reserve card and you can get one sent to you in a few days. The whole process can be completed online so you don't even have to meet anyone face to face.

Once you have applied the card will be sent to you within a couple of days. You then need to complete 2 final steps to make the card completely valid and working:

1. You need to activate your card by using your unique activation key online that is sent together with the card in a sealed envelope

2. You need to sign the back of the card with a ball point pen

And that's it! There's nothing more simple than this. I hope you now understand how such a prepaid card works and why it's useful.

Liberty Reserve Card Companies that offer a liberty reserve mastercard.

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